Having the right web address is important for your business. It helps to target users and drive traffic.

A memorable domain name is important when creating awareness and branding your website.

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With the number of pronounceable 4 letter domains being taken up daily, these names are becoming harder and harder for companies to find. Often you will see 4 letter domains represented with C's and V's. These stand for "Consonant" and "Vowel." The rarest ones have the common pronounceable structure, "CVCV

CVCV = A 4 letter .com domain name which follows a Consonant-Vowel-Consonant-Vowel letter pattern.

CVCV's are generally extremely pronounceable and are among the most valuable's. Examples include:,,,

Many CVCVs are actual words in English or in another language and that partly contributes to their high valuations, on top of their immense brandability and obvious enduser potential.

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